Monday, August 4, 2008


This is a relief sculpture class that me and Mdm Rafilah had with JVSS. We have the same objectives of creating a relief sculpture but have different approach. My approach places emphasis on a focal point in a composition, however hers is more towards the aesthetics in the creation of the sculpture itself. If you still can't figure out what I mean, you will get to see it soon enough. I have taken the best of the best works in both my class and her class. Presenting Secondary 2C (Mr Erman class) works & 2D (Mdm Rafilah class) works.
Secondary 2C

This student has put a red mark to immediately make me see the focal point of her artwork. So smart of her. Furthermore, her basic shapes complements her focus.

More of relief sculpture designs!

Some students brought it into another level by creating an architecture space for the relief sculpture. Just by using cardboards, the play of heights and arrangements are fantastic.

Secondary 2D
This is mentor's class. The aesthetic. The effort put in by her students'. The approach to create the kind of sculpture in her class. One word. WOW!

Look at the spirals! Aren't they so beautiful?
Look at the springs the student has created underneath the sculpture. It makes the sculpture interactive.
Looks at this remarkable work. The student uses different cardboard to differentiate the heights of the sculpture. 

Awesome ain't it? The two classes. Different Teachers. Different Style. Different Approach. Same End. Yet, another impressive bunch.


chocolatecup said...

they are sooo beautiful! :)

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Did you have them paint them?

Larken said...

Hi! I am an art therapist working in the child psychiatry unit of a hospital. The kids I work with love to build things, and I have some ideas of how I could use the building process you have used in this post therapeutically. I have access to a boatload of cardboard boxes. My question is, did the kids cut these shapes themselves? If not, I'd be interested to know where they came from. I might try cutting pieces on our big paper cutter, but I couldn't make circles. Thank you. :-)